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BONDITE Epoxy Putty 60gm
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Brand Bondite
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  • A Home Maintenance Kit
  • Bonds to Wet and Dry Surfaces
  • Ideal for Antique Restoration and Artist Applications

Bondite Epoxy Putty 60gm has 2 parts of Epoxy Putty. It is the easiest and fastest means of producing a hard, reusable mold which can be used with numerous materials to produce multiple miniatures, dollhouse miniatures and replacement parts.

Typical Application
- Ideal for repairs all around the house
- Seal cracks in clay pots and concrete
- Replace broken or missing pieces of ceramics, china porcelain

Antique Restoration Applications
- Pottery repair
- Statue repair
- Ideal for filling and forming missing parts & pieces

Artist Applications
- Sculpting
- Molds

3 Easy Steps Applications
1. Mix the same amount of part A and B thoroughly.
2. Apply putty to the nail holes or imperfections.
3. Smooth out and wipe clean with water.

What's in the box

1 x Bondite Epoxy Putty 60gm