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Baja Spectra Organic Sheep Fertilizer 300g
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  • High Quality Organic Pelletised Fertilizer
  • Promote Strong and Lush Growth
  • Specially for Orchids, Fruits Trees, Vegetables and Potted Plants

Baja Sheep Organic Spectra 300g is an imported, high quality organic pelletised fertilizer. It has been specially formulated to promote strong and lush growth in orchids, fruits trees, vegetables and other potted plants. It is an excellent soil conditioner and will increase the water hold capacity and earthworms population of soil.

Plant Quantity Direction of Use
Orchid 5 - 10 pellet Spread evenly into each pit
Vegetables 0.5kg for each square meter Fork lightly through the top soil
Fruit Tree 0.5 kg for every planting hole Mix thoroughly with soil
Liquid Nutrient 1kg into 10 litres water Spray on the root portion


What's in the box

1 x Baja Sheep Organic Spectra 300g