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MERCURY 1KG Hitary 928 Poly Putty w Hardener (Brown)
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Brand Mercury
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- Body filler is used to level the surface after the metal work has reduced the damage to slightly uneven metal.
- After straightening the metal is usually ground with a grinder in order to clean the metal and give it some "tooth" so that the filler can bond well with the surface.
- After the application of the first coat of filler the spreader is cleaned and the filler is allowed to get about as hard as cheese at which time it's easily leveled or shaped with a "cheese grater" blade then allowed to fully harden then it's block or board sanded to finish the leveling process.
- 2 part polyester putty that require proper mixing to set rock hard. Adhere well onto wood, plastics, wonder flex, metal, cement but not on to styrofoam as will dissolve foam. Mainly used as filler with strength and rigidity followed by filling putty touch up. To ensure firm attachment sand substract with grit 800 before putty onto the dust free surface. When set wet sand putty surface with grit 1000 before filling putty. Finally wet sand filling putty with grit 2000 for smoothness and spray painting.
- Defects in casting, metal and plastic dents are similarly filled with Poly putty and filling putty.
- Video Tutorial :