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VENUS Combination Spanner 6mm - 24mm (1 Pcs)
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Brand Venus
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* 6mm
* 7mm
* 8mm
* 9mm
* 10mm
* 11mm
* 12mm
* 13mm
* 14mm
* 15mm
* 16mm
* 17mm
* 18mm
* 19mm
* 20mm
* 21mm
* 22mm
* 23mm
* 24mm

- Full Range of Combination Spanner from 6mm to 24mm
- High Quality Product for Consumer Daily Use
- Forged Steel Construction for Durability
- Slim Design with Grooved Surface for Easier Gripping and Minimum Rotation Pressure Needed to Work with Fastener
- Designed for High Productive Usage for Hobby, Home, Automotive and Workplace
- Heat Treated Steel and Fine Finished for Extra Durability and Resistance to Corrosion
- Simple and Reliable Operation, Compact During Storage and Suitable for Portable Use